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Dan is a classically trained guitarist from England currently based in Ibiza, available for private hire anywhere in the world. He performs a Classical / Latin repertoire at many private events, weddings and celebrations.

Dan's own compositions take more of a fusion direction. Elements of world music and folk with classical guitar technique and electronic effects, form the base of his unique sound.

Last year Dan co-founded Sofar Sounds Ibiza, a very successful intimate live music night. He also works as a music curator for Sir Joan Hotel.




Dans Sound


Lay back and let go....

Around 5 years ago Dan discovered the music of John Martyn, that changed everything. He literally didn't listen to anything else for a year and become obsessed not only by John's songwriting, but the sound of his guitar.

He'd not heard nylon string guitarists use electronic effects in that way but felt it was the perfect accompaniment, he wanted to tap into that trance inducing, sweeping, hypnotic sound. 

It's the combination of long reverb, everlasting delay and classical fingerstyle guitar technique that gives Dan a unique sound. It's an emotional, meditative experience for the listener that takes them away to another place. Dan has built a strong reputation in Ibiza and looks forward to sharing his music further afield. 


Special Occasions

Dan James Wedding.jpg

Over the past 10 years Dan has brought his unique playing style to many weddings, birthday parties, celebrations, private events and cocktail parties all over the world. His sets include a mixture of classical, latin, jazz and pop solo guitar providing the occasion with an elegant atmosphere. Dan's style is sensitive and relaxing, sitting nicely in the background giving guests the perfect soundtrack to connect and enjoy conversation. 


Here’s an example of the type of music I play at private events...



Since moving to Ibiza in 2014 Dan has found the perfect home for his music. The quiet nature of being on a retreat gives space and silence for his soft style to be fully enjoyed. His style is hard to define but incorporates a fusion of indian, middle eastern and folk music. 

Dan plays during yoga classes and workshops but mainly focusses on performing relaxing concerts. In addition to the fretted and fretless guitar, he incorporates other instruments such as tibetan bowls, tuning forks, shruti box and chimes. All of which are designed to bring the audience into a more soothing space, allowing them to fully let go and deepen the experience. Dan also works with other musicians on the island, the hand pan, bansuri, santoor and voice all feature regularly in his retreat concerts.

Working with a well renowned masseuse and meditation teacher from the island, together they create an immersive multi sensory experience using sound, scent and massage. 

If you're thinking of adding sound or music to your retreats then please get in touch to find out how we can develop a bespoke sonic experience for you and your guests.


Sound Journey

Dan's background in music and natural compatibility for healing therapies has led to work in retreats, studying classical Indian music and sound therapy. After being exposed to the profound benefits of sound therapy within ceremonies, his work within music has been geared towards using this medium for the aid of healing. The combination of different sonic textures and frequencies will coax you into a fully relaxed space to assist your maximum potential for letting go and slipping into bliss.

These sessions still retain an element of musicianship as well as being guided through the transcendental tones of tuning forks, tibetan bowls and gongs. At heart, Dan is still a musician and loves to incorporate his unique style of guitar playing into these performances.


Instruments used:

  • fretless / fretted guitar
  • shruti box
  • tuning forks
  • Tibetan bowls
  • crystal bowl
  • rattles
  • chimes
  • Indian Flute
  • Tongue drum
  • Wah wah

Dan offers several packages for retreats and private sessions:

  • Group Sound Healing Concert - 1-2 hour concert using all of the above instruments, original compositions and Indian raga style improvisation, additional musicians such as vocal, hang, indian flute can be added 
  • One on One Sound Journey - 1-1.5 hour, fully immersive session, more time given to tuning forks and placing the singing bowls on the body than in the group session

Both of these sessions can be enjoyed in the comfort of your own home or at Dan's private yurt space 5 minutes from San Carlos

Sounds Divine

Sounds Divine is a fresh collaboration with Samantha Beeching. Sam is a qualified holistic massuese, Reiki practitioner and teacher (teacher of what?). Sam's intuitive work of deep release also includes trigger point therapy and Ayurvedic massage. 

The combination of massage and sound therapy has to be experienced to be fully appreciated but the feedback has been amazing thus far, and we are both very excited about this project and the positive results received.

Souper Sounds

Souper Sounds is a bi-monthly event help at Dan's yurt space. This comprises a 1 hour sound journey with




Dan performing "Jelena's Song" at Sofar Ibiza on December 9th 

Live performance of 'rambles' from Sofar Sounds Ibiza @ Sir Joan Hotel

A snapshot of a bi monthly event from a yurt in ibiza. Intimate sound journey followed by soup served family style

a musical collage from dan's Classical / Spanish repertoire


instagram - dan___bentley



"the minute myself and my wife Becky met Dan in Ibiza we instantly clicked, he was very easy going but also very professional and accommodating to the needs of our wedding and overall a real top guy....who was also superb on the guitar most importantly!! On the day of our wedding Dan put his own spin on our favourite song for Becky to walk down the aisle and it was amazing....we cannot recommend him highly enough...overall a pleasure to work with"

Wedding of Becky and Ben


“Dan was an absolute pleasure to deal with, professional but super friendly. He’s a really kind spirit and just the person we wanted to be a part of our day, and we’re so glad he was. We can’t recommend him highly enough.”

Wedding of Clare and Darren


"We booked Dan to play at our Ibiza villa wedding this summer, to play in the garden as guests arrived, ahead of the ceremony.

His beautiful playing complemented the setting perfectly and made for a very special start to the wedding for our guests, especially as he blended in so well to proceedings.

Dan was always very easy to deal with and responded quickly to emails, offering helpful suggestions for our big day. 

We are extremely glad that we booked Dan for our special day."

Wedding of Clara and Theo

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If you'd like to book me for your event or would like some more information please send an email to the address below. I'll do my best to respond in 24 hours. 


Telephone: +34 603 276 903

Facebook: dan bentley music

Instagram: dan_ _ _ bentley